"What we do here, we can replicate in any landscape and neighborhood. With a smart management plan, multiple small plots in a neighborhood or yard translate into a diverse rotational system that improves soil, sequesters carbon, attracts beneficials, and provides food and substinance for the pantry and the soul."

"Welcome to Little Uruguay, a micro-farm and perennial food garden nestled in the heart of Bay Spring, Barrington. Our roots run deep in Latin American farming traditions, with a cherished family history in Uruguay as our inspiration. Today, we honor that heritage by stewarding the land with a modern approach, rooted in regenerative, organic, and natural farming practices. These methods have been honed through years of dedicated study, on-farm research, and hands-on experience.

At our perennial food farm, we cultivate a diverse range of native fruits, roots, vegetables, and medicinal herbs, flowers, and eco-typic seeds. It's not just a farm; it's a living ecosystem designed to nourish native pollinators, wildlife, and human beings. We achieve this by planting eco-regional species and integrating long-lived cover crops that enrich the soil and promote biodiversity.

Collaboration is at the heart of our mission. We work alongside our neighbors to transform monoculture lawns into thriving ecosystems. Together, we create vibrant food gardens, native meadows, orchards of trees and fruit-bearing shrubs, and a tapestry of flowering plants that beckon to pollinators.

In our commitment to sustainability, we employ seed-saving techniques and natural farming methods that conserve water, produce diverse and resilient seeds and plants, and foster self-reliance and resilience. Our goal is to provide nourishment for today while ensuring a thriving and bountiful future for all." And in this process, we transform and reconnect ourselves with Nature.

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