To Teach how to "garden like a farmer".

If you garden, we might improve your technique and expand your vision; If your green thumb is dormant, we will revive its nature.   

Our Vision

Digging Education applies the tenets of natural farming into its garden design work, aiming to transform how we engage with the land; transforming landscapes on the outside inevitably transforms our inner landscape. As an educational tool, we teach clients how to farm their gardens and landscapes. Simply put, we collaborate, sharing knowledge and developing a more natural relationship with our environment. 

In Phase I: Consultation and Design; we collaborate with you to create a shared vision for your property that builds upon our natural farming gardens methodology. Regenerative practices are at the core, enriching the soil, conserving water, and promoting biodiversity. Our designs harmonize with the natural cycles, fostering a thriving, interconnected ecosystem, whether at your home, work, or community space. 

In Phase II: Transformation and Restoration; we employ techniques mirroring nature, cultivating a healthy soil microbiome and embracing organic and permaculture principles, fostering self-sustainability, sufficiencty, and naturally abundant harvests of food and seed.

In Phase III: Plantings and Care; we continue nurturing your land along side you until you are well versed in our system. By selecting eco-typic and native crops and employing organic methods to create thriving, regenerative farm gardens in harmony with nature, we allow you to wean into your own natural farming experience and ability.

Digging Education

envisions a world where natural farming practices  are incorporated into  our gardening practices so that our land is responsive in its relation to Nature. Join us on this journey towards a future where natural farming gardens are a way of life, promoting ecological harmony and self-reliant living.

gardens for healing, restoration, & transformation
client initiated garden design implementation, and education toward a self-sufficient and life affirming home garden
establishing living food corridors 
micro-farm in the Bay Spring neighborhood of Barrington set to redefine home grown food for daily life and the pantry
redefining boundaries in and out of the garden
research based curriculum and guidance for environmental justice and food security

"Crafting natural landscapes opens us to redesign our inner landscape, leading us to find balance and serenity in all aspects of life.

- Daniel Penengo, Digging Education Founder