We are passionate about transforming urban landscapes into thriving, sustainable ecosystems that provide fresh, healthy food and foster community engagement. Our program is designed to teach individuals and communities how to grow their food using natural, scalable, and sustainable farming techniques that bring life to our homes and rid us of the many burdens of the suburban yard.

 We practice what we preach. Our 2500 sq. ft. garden that we've developed using our uniquely adapted natural farming techniques. Our garden is a testament to the potential of urban farming, producing a diverse range of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and grains that provide an abundance of nutrient-dense food throughout the seasons.

 We are based out of Barrington, RI, but our curriculum is designed to be adaptable to a variety of urban and suburban environments. We hope to inspire and empower individuals and communities across the country to take control of their food systems and create more sustainable, equitable communities.