it is our pleasure to invite you to our property, "little uruguay" where we have transformed every bit of lawn and landscape in order to create a biologically diverse, self-sustaining ecology, where plants and organisms do the work, while we sit within the landscape enjoying the bountiful health benefits of a well designed and resilient garden.

Transcendence is in the here and now. Dig in.

Dan remains committed to teaching kids and adults the benefits of the digging education philosophy, one that is grounded in transcendental knowledge and experience.

Daniel Penengo, Principal Designer

Welcome to digging education. My schooling in philosophy, literature, and education have always leaned toward an ecological framework where we gather together around what matters most; nature, food, and community. When we fixate on this combination we can achieve equanimity as individuals and community.

Our goal here at digging education is to awaken from the wastefulness of consumerism; to end our dependence on a food system that has gone astray and re-center around our own homesteads.

10% of the global population grows the food for everyone. An unfair burden, while we miss out on the great many benefits of eating, tending to, and creating ecology in our own yards and communities.

Margarita Robledo, Business Partner

Margarita Robledo comes to the team with a strong sense of advocacy and community building from her past positions as director of Development at Milenio Latino Training Institute, director of Community Education at Bristol Community College (BCC), among other positions with the Girl Scouts of Rhode Island and Progresso Latino. It was through her work at BCC that she was able to develop and expand principles through grant initiatives focused on workforce development and the green economy. Margarita is a graduate of URI where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Resource Development. She also earned a Master of Science degree in Higher Education Administration from Eastern Nazarene. When Margarita has free time, she enjoys biking and hiking.