Digging Education exists to provide education and services relating to edible-natural landscapes

  • edible landscaping, design, and maintenance

  • individual and group educational experiences

  • homeschooling opportunities and after school enrichment

  • outdoor experiential education

"Daniel Penengo will transform your lawn and your life! From teaching you how to compost and produce nutrient rich soil, he cares for your veggies alone or alongside you and they flourish and become food on your table. He is an enthusiastic teacher who shows you the real reward of growing your own delicious food." - Dr. Keisha-Khan Y. Perry

"Digging Education takes the guess work out of growing healthy food and does so in a way that makes the landscape beautiful as well. Every moment with Dan in the garden is loaded with philosophical inquiry and knowledge that comes from so many years of experience teaching kids and adults." - D. Serna